1. The International Competition for percussion instruments PENDIM is open to all performers who meet the requirements of age and level of preparation.
  2. The competition is held in six age groups for individual performers and one group for ensembles.
  3. The age groups are:
    Individual Performers
    1. group – born after 01.05.1998
    2. group – born between 01.05.1996 and 30.04.1998
    3. group – born between 01.05.1994 and 30.04.1996
    4. group – born between 01.05.1992 and 30.04.1994
    5. group – born between 01.05.1990 and 30.04.1992
    6. group – born between 01.05.1982 and 30.04.1990
    The sum total of the years of age of two participants must be no more than 55 years. The participants must be 30 years old or younger.
  4. Contestants may compete in a higher age group with the respective repertoire.
  5. The auditions are open to the public.
  6. The adjudicators will work according to the Regulations, accepted and approved by the Organizational Committee and have the right not to award all prizes.
  7. All participants may have one scheduled rehearsal in the same hall, where the competition will be held.
  8. It is forbidden the competitors who play to music to use copies.
  9. The Committee can provide the competitors with accompanists and additional rehearsal rooms upon explicit request in advance.
  10. Participants cover their travel and accommodation expenses and accompanist costs.
  11. Lots for the order of participation will be officially drawn.


Application documents

  1. Application form filled in either in Bulgarian or in English and typed on a computer:
    RTF Format (MS Word / WordPad)
    PDF Format (Acrobat Reader)
  2. Birth certificate - copy
  3. One color photograph
  4. Participation fee of:
I group 15 EURO
II group 20 EURO
III group 30 EURO
IV group 40 EURO
V group 50 EURO
VI group 80 EURO
Ensemble participants 100 EURO for duo.

The fee must be paid into account of Pendim Foundation in:
ProCreditBank, Plovdiv branch office.
Address of the Bank: 131, Hristo Botev Blv., Sofia
IBAN: BG21PRCB92301406053719, BIC: PRCBBGSF

(The fee doesn't include bank charges and commission)

The application documents can be submitted on the following e-mail address: from 01.02.2009 to 01.04.2009

The Organisational Committee has a right to stop registration of application documents when the competition schedule of participation will be exceeded.